T2 Health is rated 5 out of 5.0 based on 16 ratings.

The team at T2 are exceptional in many ways. Dr. Trace has developed his methods and the practice over many years. His care and attention has saved me from lots of pain and stress. He method to determine my medical problems has been accurate and the fix he suggests has worked every time. I have been a patient for over 15 years and I have always been treated with care and understanding to a level i have never had anywhere else. Over the years, the team at T2 has treated many of my medical issues and several cases caught and treated problems before they become disabling. I love my care team at T2 and I will keep going to them as long as they are open.
Paal Franzen
They are very caring and thorough, and always keep me informed and respond to my concerns quickly
Ron Brandtman
Troy Gadberry
Finally found a doctor who actually listens when I talk and does not make me feel pressured to solve problems with prescription drugs.
Erin Bronico
Dr. Todd and Dr. Tracy are phenomenal. Dr. Todd is the first physician who clearly deciphered my lab report and fully explained everything, no rush. I rely on Dr. Todd for ongoing medical support and treatment, he is great. Dr. Tracy provides support for musculature issue including chiropractic services. Both doctors are easy to get into see and never rush providing services. Krista the MA is very helpful and rounds out the outstanding support I receive at T2 Health. I highly recommend their services and support. Lou
Lou Morentin
The staff at T Squared Health really do care about your individual health, some physicians and doctors offices appear to just care about getting paid, but not here, they will ensure they very carefully scan your blood work, review your medical history to ensure your achieving your best health. The staff really takes the time to make you feel your their priority. Thank you
Corey Justice

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