What Is Penile PRP Injection Theraphy?

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Aging is part of life, but suffering from it is a choice. Penile PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) Injection Therapy is a safe natural, non-surgical approach to improving your sex-life. This revolutionary new PRP treatment has been proven to improve erectile quality and size, resulting in a firmer and larger erection, along with an enhanced sense of sexual sensation.

Penile PRP Injection Therapy involves using your own body’s healing factors to naturally enhance your own abilities.

PRP, harvested from a simple blood draw, is placed back into the penis. This initiates new tissue growth in the blood vessels and nerves, enhancing the quality and size of your erection.

Penile PRP Benefits

Besides being a effective non-drug and non-surgical option for Erectile Dysfunction, Penile PRP Injection Therapy has many other benefits:

  • Simple and safe in-office procedure
  • No to little down-time
  • Improved ability to achieve and maintain an erection
  • Increase size and girth
  • Increase sensation and pleasure
  • Improved sexual performance
  • Can help other ED therapies work even better

Who Are Penile PRP Injection Theraphy Candidates?

Any man who is looking for increased sexual performance, male enhancement, or improved sex life, this is a convenient and non-surgical option that may be a solution for you.

  • If you've struggled with Erectile Dysfunction
  • If you have Peyronie’s Disease
  • If you haven’t had desirable results from other ED treatments
  • If you’ve had prostate issues (i.e. enlarged, cancer or surgery)
  • If you have a Cardiometabolic disorder (i.e. diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol)
  • If you would simply like to experiment with enhanced penile growth potential

What Should I Expect?

The treatment is natural in that your own cells are used. PRP Injection Therapy works by injecting a concentrate of the patient’s own platelets into certain areas of the penis. Platelets contain many of the growth factors necessary for normal tissue repair and regeneration (think of a “cut” healing). To obtain the PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma), the patient’s blood is drawn, similar to a routine blood test, and is placed into a special FDA-Cleared centrifuge system. This system creates a plasma that contains a very high concentration of the patient’s own platelets and growth factors, which help to accelerate tissue repair and regeneration.

The number of treatments varies depending on each case, but on average 1- 3 treatments are required, which are generally performed every for 4-6 weeks. Treatment sessions generally last about 45 minutes.

Penile PRP Injection Therapy is a simple in-office procedure performed by Dr. Todd Smith, an Arizona licensed Physician. Prior to your treatment, a numbing cream will be applied to the shaft of the penis. The majority of the session is not the injections themselves, but waiting for the penis to become adequately numb and the preparation of the PRP. Most patients tolerate the procedure well without problems.

After the procedure, once the “numbness” has worn off, you may return to your normal sexual activities. As a matter of fact, we encourage this, as we consider this “exercising your penis”, which helps produce better results. As far as results are concerned, some men report immediate results, but most need a few weeks for the body’s tissue regeneration process to fully activate.

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