“In 1997, I received my Chiropractic license and began to work for a large chiropractic group in Arizona, often seeing more than 500 patients a week. After two years of learning to listen and empathize with my patients effectively I started my own private practice, Alternative Health and Nutrition, with a growing interest in helping patients with a more encompassing holistic and integrative treatment.

As time went on, I started to treat patients with more than musculoskeletal issues. Often, I would realize some patients would not respond as I thought they should due to underlying medical issues, which were not being addressed by their traditional doctor. Thus, I became more and more frustrated with traditional medicines lack of treatment for the patients underlying cause of their condition and total focus on their symptoms only. Whether this was due to the doctor’s treatment style or an insurance companies cost containment algorithms I felt I could make a difference.

Frequently I would see new patients with chronic issues and lifelong reliance on costly medications which could be helped with small changes to diet or administration of certain substances to allow the body to heal itself without a return of symptoms. After a few more years of this and talking things over with my wife we decided that I should pursue a recognized and licensed medical degree.

Nearly four years later I graduated and received my medical license in 2009 from the Arizona Naturopathic Physician Medical Board. In 2010, I changed the name of my practices to Alternative Health & Medical.

In 2016, Dr. Smith and I merged our practices under the name of Infinium Med. In 2019, we changed the name to Square One Health Solutions to communicate our collective style of medical practice more effectively. Taking our patient’s and our treatment philosophy back to where should have always been – Back to Square One.”

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